Parade '24
June 08, 2024 - Fireman's Festival Parade
God gives people in a local church various types of gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:11 says that the Holy Spirit distributes gifts to each member of the body as He wills. This means the abilities God has given our church at this moment in time are God’s will. Our part is to be active and use those gifts. You might ask, “What are my spiritual gifts?” The answer? What has God placed on your heart for service to Him? Go for it!


Some folks have a primary ministry of prayer. We are all to be in prayer, but some people have a special calling and burden for prayer. We offer several opportunities for group prayer.


Jesus loved the little children, and so do we! Some people thrive working with children, whether nursery, preschool or elementary ages.


Teens are wrestling with deep issues, and they need mature adults to guide them. They also are a lot of fun to goof off with!

Bible Teaching

Sunday morning preaching is not the only Bible teaching happening in a healthy local church. There are usually multiple other studies happening in various other settings. Some men or women have been called to be teachers in these other settings. All teachers have to agree to our doctrinal statement.

Town of Bremen

Our church is involved with several opportunities in the town of Bremen including the local public school, Kiwanis, Grace Food Pantry, and various other clubs and non-profits.

Global Missions

One of our key priorities is the global spread of the good news of Jesus Christ, and we partner with missionaries world-wide. Opportunities for correspondence, financial support, and special missions projects are available.